Realisticriver/lakeshoresin 3DSMax

The lesson shows how to make the transition from aqua to shore realistic.

Let’s start with creating two Plane planes of the identical size. One’s for the upside of the earth, and the second -for aqua. For the ground plane set the number of segments larger, for instance, 50 and 50. We leave the upsideof the water with one single segment – 1 and 1.

On Ribbon panel there’s a set of tools for modeling Freeform, but we won’t see any tools there until we convert the plane into Editable Poly. Do it, then choose Ribbon> Freeform> Push/Pull. In a small pop-up window, set the brush scale for Push/Pull and start modeling the terrain.

Draw a scape. To make a recess, hold down the Alt key. If you hold Ctrl, the terrain will be aligned. Without the keys, controlling the mouse alone, elevations will be drawn.

Let’s turn to the matters. Make a simple matter for application on the scape, for instance, with the grass texture. Aqua will be created using the sample matter for the mental ray visualizer. Select the pre-made aqua preset in the Arch&Design material. The rest of the parameters are the same as in the screenshot.

Apply the materials to the corresponding objects in the scene. The scale of the irregularities on the water must be corrected. The Ocean map will already be installed in Bump channel. Go into it and make the necessary changes, but they’ll differ if you work in the metric system.

Let’s pretend. Water breaks abruptly on the shore. Make a new matter in the mataditor such as Blend. Material Blend allowsto specify the mixing of two various materials. Go to Material 1 and set it to white, and in the Material 2 slot drag the water matter.Finally, in the Mask slot, add the Ambient/Reflective Occlusion map. Settings: Samples 64, Spread 30, Max distance 3, Falloff 1. In the mixing curve at the top level of the main material Blend don’t forget to check Use Curve. Then go into the settings of white matter and change the degree of its transparency at will. As a result we have a realistic looking aqua.