Create a roomusing 3D graphics


In this lesson, we’ll find out how to make a lamp with 3D graphics. We will work in 3DS. This is one of the simplest simulation tasks, so anyone can try to do their best.

We’ll start creating the lamp by making a tube with Radius 1 = 6 cm, Radius 2 = 5,8 cm, Height = 20 cm and Sides = 36. Then create a cylinder with chamfer (estimate its size relative to the tube) and align it like shown below (press Alt+A and click the handset for auto-alignment). Check the location of the X and Y axes and press«OK».

Click the front view or right viewport using the Line tool to limn a right shape of our cylinders, closing the spline with it. Convert the recentform to Editaple Poly, choose the polygon and perform an scaling operation (size 2,5 cm). Now we have a 3D model, but there are no polygons on its back side. To fix it, we go to the Border sub-object level, choose an open edge, right-click and select Cap. Then select all objects edges and putchamfer of 0,1 cm.

Relative coordinate system in 3DS Max

Excrete the last object we created. Click the drop-down Reference Coordinate System, select Pick and click the handset. Choose Use transform coordinate center. Press A on the keyboard to turn on the corner snap and rotate the shape 120 degrees along the specified axis while holding down the Shift key. Finally, group all these objects together.

We had to change the center of rotation of objects to mark the center of the tube, for this we changed our relative coordinate system, making the pipe object the center of rotation. The choice of the angle of 120 degrees is due to the fact that two more copies of the details are needed – in the total of three – after all, 3*120 degrees = 360 deg. In another way, this can be fulfilled by aligning the object’s reference point with the pipe reference point, but this way isn’t solissome.