Create a room using 3D graphics

Technics develop and accompany us in almost all spheres of life, including everyday life.
And, agree, it’s really convenient when equipping the apartment, you don’t abandon the house and
invent the design sitting next to the computer shield. We’ll do it with the help of 3D graphics. To
begin, we’ll create the space we need in 3DS max. So let’s start to work from the foundations of the
future apartment, namely the walls.

  1. Units of survey.
    You need to set the scope of the object so that things look like in real life. First we click
    Customize, then Units Setup, after that Metric System and, finally, Centimeters.
  2. Modeling the sides.
    Select «top view» and make a rectangle (540*450). Next, right-click on it and choose
    Convert to > Convert to Editaple Spline. After having selected a rectangle (spline), we go to Modify
    tab and choose the mode of work «sub objects» (a small icon with a plus) and allocate 4 splines.
    Below we find Outline and choose «-20». Press Enter.
  3. Convert walls to Editaple Poly.
    Righ-click knob on the rectangle and press Convert to > Convert to Editaple Poly. Next we
    switch to the regime of operation at the polygon level (or press key 4), excrete all polygons and
    elongate them to 250 cm.
  4. Boolean subtraction.
    Make a box (370*50*225) and set it in such a way that it crosses one of the sides. We
    isolate the sides and switch to Compound object > Pro Boolean. Keep going and choose Pick
    Operand B and choose the newly made box.
  5. Detailing the walls.
    We isolate the amount of polygons that make up the wall, go to the vertex mode and press
    Slice Plane. We set the plane of the cut and make cuts(look at the picture below). Click again Slice
    Plane, choose the required polygon and elongate it inside to 7 cm.
    Therefore, this lesson helped us to make the initial base of our future room – the wall.