Create a room using 3D graphics

Floor and Ceiling
If we want a room created with 3D graphics to look realistic then we need not just a box
but also other required components such as floor and ceiling. Also, we’ll consider the process of
creating a window and placing it in our project. The project is done in 3DS Max.
With already finished box (discussed in the previous lesson), we create another box, the
size of which is similar to the previous one. To be sure that the box will cross with already existing
walls, it can be made a little larger (541*451*12 cm). This object is our floor. To create a ceiling, a
lot of work isn’t required. We just copy the pre created box and move it up. And we have a finished

It is worth noting that the ceiling shouldn’t be intersect with the walls, and we align the
floor according to the base of the window opening, which we will develop later. Approximately this
should look like this:


To create a window you need to make another box, similar in scope to the previous one,
which we created during the Boolean operation. The thickness should be slightly smaller than the
wall, about 5 cm. We transform it into Editaple Poly. After that, we allocate two large polygons –
the front and back, press the right button and make the Inset of the size of 4 cm. Then we remove
the two selected polygons.

After the actions, go to the border mode (key 3 on the keyboard), select 2 open borders and
press the Bridge button to combine them with polygons. Next, we create two boxes with chamfer
and place them next to each other to create window barriers. After that, we create another 3 boxes
with a width of 0,5 cm and put them in a window frame to create glass.

Thus, we have a ready-made room with all the main components – walls, floor, ceiling and
window. The process of creating these components is not difficult and long, so even if you are a
beginner in working with the creation of 3D graphics, you’ll overcome these easy steps in a few