Animating the Scale Operation

Many 3D Canvas Operations can have their effect animated. If an operation supports UpdateButton-Operation-Update.gif (515 bytes) on the Object Layers Panel, the Operation Adjust Tool Button-Toolbar-OperationAdjustTool.gif (912 bytes), or Parameters on the Object Layers Panel, it can be animated.

What follows is an explanation of how to animate a Operation-Scale.gif (936 bytes) Scale Operation.


bullet Drag and Drop a sphere on to the scene.
TutorialAnimatedScale1.gif (19274 bytes)
bullet Show the Animation Toolbar using the View Menu.

Switch to Animation Mode by selecting Button-Animation-Animate.gif (1005 bytes).

Select the sphere.

The Scale Operation is located on the Object Operations Panel. Apply a Scale Operation  to the sphere by clicking Operation-Scale.gif (936 bytes). Set the parameters on the Object Layers Panel for the Scale Operation to amounts of 1 for X, Y and Z and “Scale” for Type. This will result in no scaling at time 0 in the animation.

TutorialAnimatedScale2.gif (21231 bytes)
bullet Move to time 10 with the animation slider.

Select the sphere if it is not already selected. Change the parameters on the Object Layers Panel to 2 for X, Y and Z and “Scale” for Type. This will result in the sphere being scaled by a factor of two in each direction.

We now have an sphere that doubles in size during the animation.

Press play Button-Play.gif (908 bytes) to preview the animation.

TutorialAnimatedScale3.gif (24947 bytes)

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